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>> Hmmm. So it's actually more dangerous to have beam
>> weapons than explosives mounted in the shield then?

>> And I suppose the same goes for Cannons and guns
>> which are mounted.
> The most dangerous place on an MS appears to be the
> cockpit, which is mounted directly above the
> fusion reactor, which is prone to explode when [a]
> intersected by a beam weapon or [b] short-circuted
> collateral battle damage.
> We're talking thermonuclear rockets powered by a
> fusion reactor, both of which make any chemical
> explosive almost negligible if they get out of hand.
> I'm surprised that these bad boys don't use their
> thrusters as weapons -- a shot of plasma at close
> range, kill the target and propel yourself clear in
> one fell swoop. (Or a swell foop, depending on the
> sound effects?) The closest that I can recall is the

> V2 Gundam using its beam wings to cut other MS in
> half, but then my memory's proven to be a bit faulty
> of late.

IIRC, it happened twice:

"Gundam 0079" TV series: during Ranba's first siege of
"White Base" in Central Asia, a J-type Zaku II got
close to one of WB's main thruster at the rear, and
Mirai Yashima (WB's skip) responded with an emergency
take-off, and charcoaled the Zaku with a big thruster

"Gundam: the 08th MS Team" (episode 8) while a trio of
desperate Zeon MS team was surrounded by angry
villagers/partisan + attack from the 08 Team, a Zaku
II tried to make an escape by jet-assisted jump with
its back thruster, inadvertently blown off a nearby
hut and killed Bresto Logita, the guerilla leader.

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