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>On Sep 13, 2:21pm, Danny Kim wasted bandwidth discussing:
>> Subject: Re: [gundam] OT Yamato TV Series
>> Some might already know but, there is also a plan of making Star Blazers the
>> movie.
>> You can check it out yourself on www.cinescape.com.
>> I think Disney was a distributor. Which gives it a very good chance.
>> Disney wouldn't touch anything if they don't have a good interest in it.
>> For example, Inspector Gadget. It was a big surprise for me.
>> Anyway, it will be very interesting if it really happens.
>> Dan
>I work for these clowns and, let me tell you, there is no way on this earth
>that you want them bringing Yamato to the big screen. No. Way. You give
>an example that speaks volumes, Inspector Gadget. Absolute shit that was
>so bad that (apparently) Eisner walked out of a screening of it in disgust.
>All that money and they can't purchase one decent functioning brain. They
>had plans to replace the Japanese ship with a suitable American one. The
>Arizona. Yes, uproot the memorial and all those dead sailors, that'll get
>the still living sailors on your side. What an idiotic idea. I'd love to
>see a well-done Yamato movie made as much as the next fan but not done by
>these guys.

The only reason Disney buys Japanese anime is to obtain control of any
potential threats to their monopoly of kiddie-friendly animation. Witness
how they bought modern classics such as Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service
only to put them out directly on home video, thus eliminating any hope of
releasing them theatrically, which is dominated by lame re-releases and
remakes from Disney's library.

Don't expect Disney to invest much money or effort in the marketing of
The Pricess Mononoke - they've already tossed it to their indie distributor
Miramax for a release date that's closer to Halloween instead of the summer
or Thanksgiving (well out of the way of Tarzan and Toy Story 2). This is
how a work of art that was No. 2 in Japanese box office history got treated

Count ourselves lucky Disney hasn't touched Gundam yet.


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