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>>That depends on the nature of the explosive; specifically, the detonation
>~big snip~
>Hmmm. So it's actually more dangerous to have beam weapons than explosives
>mounted in the shield then? And I suppose the same goes for Cannons and
>guns which are mounted.

The most dangerous place on an MS appears to be the cockpit, which is
mounted directly above the Minovsky fusion reactor, which is prone to
explode when [a] intersected by a beam weapon or [b] short-circuted by
collateral battle damage.

We're talking thermonuclear rockets powered by a fusion reactor, both of
which make any chemical explosive almost negligible if they get out of hand.

I'm surprised that these bad boys don't use their thrusters as weapons -- a
shot of plasma at close range, kill the target and propel yourself clear in
one fell swoop. (Or a swell foop, depending on the sound effects?) The
closest that I can recall is the V2 Gundam using its beam wings to cut
other MS in half, but then my memory's proven to be a bit faulty of late.


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