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I knew it ! Disney + Yamato = disaster ! Well, I hope the rumors about a new anime
movie from Leiji Matusumoto are correct.
Just imagine: What about Yamato with a healthy wing of MSs instead Black Tigers ?
Wouldn't it be GREAT ?

Alfred Urrutia wrote:

> On Sep 13, 2:21pm, Danny Kim wasted bandwidth discussing:
> > Subject: Re: [gundam] OT Yamato TV Series
> > Some might already know but, there is also a plan of making Star Blazers the
> > movie.
> > You can check it out yourself on
> > I think Disney was a distributor. Which gives it a very good chance.
> > Disney wouldn't touch anything if they don't have a good interest in it.
> > For example, Inspector Gadget. It was a big surprise for me.
> > Anyway, it will be very interesting if it really happens.
> >
> > Dan
> I work for these clowns and, let me tell you, there is no way on this earth
> that you want them bringing Yamato to the big screen. No. Way. You give
> an example that speaks volumes, Inspector Gadget. Absolute shit that was
> so bad that (apparently) Eisner walked out of a screening of it in disgust.
> All that money and they can't purchase one decent functioning brain. They
> had plans to replace the Japanese ship with a suitable American one. The
> Arizona. Yes, uproot the memorial and all those dead sailors, that'll get
> the still living sailors on your side. What an idiotic idea. I'd love to
> see a well-done Yamato movie made as much as the next fan but not done by
> these guys.
> Alfred.
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