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>> So does that mean that these G gundams have a limited number of subroutines
>> until their pilots can get into their cockpit? Hmmmm. I wonder. Aside
>> from obvious examples like the rx-78 and Alice, are there any other known
>> gundams which have automatic subroutines for when their pilots get knocked
>> out? I did a fanfic of this concerning GW and the deathscythe, but I'm
>> sure if there are actually more robots with that sort of thing in Gundam.
>The Blue Destiny is almost completely autonomic, it will fight anything on
>its own. The pilot is only needed to point the Blue at the correct target.
>least, that's what it looked like.

Hmmm...but wasn't Blue destiny about a "haunted" artificial intelligence
system? I'd like to differentiate too between gundams with artificial
intelligence, and those with preprogrammed attack moves. Thanks on the
info about blue destiny...all I did hear about it was that it had something
to do with an MS being "haunted".

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