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>>> The Jagd Doga had grenades to go with that?
>>> hmmm...I didn't notice that.
>>They are stored at the lower tips of the shields.
> looking at the illustrations...are their shields
> based on the Galbaldy shield? it looks that way...

You mean the left-arm shield worn by RMS-117 "Galbaldy
beta"? Oh yeah, they sure look similar. Actually, many
of CCA's mecha design are largely inherited from those
of "ZZ Gundam", so the designing bloodline from "Z" to
"ZZ" to "CCA" is a pretty natural one to me, with
several design from MSV & MSX being thrown in for good
What a shame that "Galbaldy beta" still use the
Gelgoog beam rifle (nevermind the retooling by the

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