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>> The Jagd Doga had grenades to go with that?
>> hmmm...I didn't notice that.
>They are stored at the lower tips of the shields.

looking at the illustrations...are their shields based on the Galbaldy
shield? it looks that way...

>I think the retcon of RX-78, with spare beam sabre
>hilt stored inside the shield, was based on what we
>saw on 0079's TV series: when Amuro/Gundam destroys
>Zeon warships with beam sabres, he has a habit of
>leaving the weapons behind & get away before the
>target explodes. the spare hilts are, therefore, the
>replenishment to make up for his 'bad habit'.

Yeah, he does that a lot. It would be no surprise that he needs a lot of
those sabers on hand.

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