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On Sun, 12 Sep 1999 23:28:06 EDT BlazeEagle@aol.com writes:
> What excatly are Fin Fannels(like on the Nu Gundams back)? Are they
> controlled, automated, what? Also, since I have never seen the Gundam
> with the Fan Fannels, are they sorta like those mind controlled
> lasers that one of Ellys gears, in the video game XenoGears, shots at
> enemy from the Gears back? Did I spell Fin Fannels right? What Gundam
> anime/movies are the Fin Fannels in?

Fin Fannels (Funnels) are descendants of bits. They are a self-propelled
weapon system that can project energy beams (like beam rifles), act
as missiles, and when used with other FFs, can project a beam barrier.
They are controlled by thought after being launched from the Nu-Gundam.
They appear in CCA.

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