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>> The MSV retcon in Oct 1999 issue of "Dengeki Hobby"
>> shows the loyal remnants of Ma Kube's troop were
>> equipped with MS-15A "Gyan", with Gelgoog's beam
>> rifle, twin beam sword and a Gelgoog-style shield.
>> Although this is a modeller's retcon, it seems to
>> be logical after "Gyan" lost out the big contact
>> against "Gelgoog" to be the next mass-produced Zeon

>> MS.
> Cool! I'd love to have a kit of that and see a
> picture of it. I could probably get the weapons from

> a 1/144 Gelgoog and use them on an extra HGUC Gyan,
> couldn't I? Which Gelgoog kit would work for
> this?

Hmm... since there's no HG kit of 1:144 MS-14A
"Gelgoog" on the market, the modeller used the current
assessories (beam rifle, hilt of twin beam sword, and
the shield) from the ungraded "Gelgoog" of the early
'0079' model series. The DH mag' pictures show those
parts need further refinements to suit the intended
product, particularly the shield, which is now bashed
with the sliding machanism taken from the HGUC Gyan's
gadget shield.

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