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> What excatly are Fin Fannels(like on the Nu Gundams back)? Are they
> controlled, automated, what? Also, since I have never seen the Gundam
> with the Fan Fannels, are they sorta like those mind controlled floating,
> lasers that one of Ellys gears, in the video game XenoGears, shots at the
> enemy from the Gears back? Did I spell Fin Fannels right? What Gundam
> anime/movies are the Fin Fannels in?

    I always spelled it "Fin Funnels". I am sure others would give a much
more detailed explanation, but in case you cannot wait, here's a brief
answer. Regular Funnels, from which Fin Funnels are based on, are basically
remote controlled parts that can shot at targets from a far. What makes it
so special is that since the introduction of Minorski particles, basically
all remote control things are useless, since they cannot pass through the
particles. Bits (basically early version of funnels) and funnels are the
first remote controlled weapon since the introduction of Minorski particle.
With funnels, it is much harder for the targets to avoid them, since they
are really small and really mobile (as everybody knows, all regular MS in UC
timeline can be destroy by one or two good beam shot). However, it is
reserved for Newtype use only, and a powerful one at that (at least until
the introduction of Psychoframe, who allow weaker Newtypes like Amuro and
Char to use funnels). Incom is the non-Newtype alternative for funnels,
although it require the incom to be connected to the MS by a wire. As for
Fin funnels, it is basically just funnels except that it has its own
reactors, which means it doesn't have to go back to the MS to recharge
before it can go again, and that fin funnels can work in a group to produce
a barrier that can block both beam and conventional weapons. Of course, it
is also larger than regular funnels. It only appears in Char's
Counterattack, and it is only equipped on Amuro's Nu Gundam. It is basically
the same as those things you saw in Xenogear (I think they "stole" the idea
from Gundam). I will go back to the background and let the expert take the

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