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>> What do you guys think of Gyan (Gann)??
> I'm very impressed by it, at least with Ma Kube at
> the controls. In the TV series he uses an arsenal of

> bombs, missiles, and booby traps to lure the Gundam
> into the confines of Texas Colony, then proceeds to
> beat the crap out of it in saber combat.

Ma Kube was not only an ace-pilot (withness his
'fencing' skill with Gyan's beam sabre), he was also a
master tactician as well. Gyan's gadget shield has 10
launchers for 'hide-bombs' (a type of 'space-mines'),
with each launcher capable of storing and firing one
unit (evidenced by the scale of h-bs & gadget shield
from HGUC "Gyan" kit). Yet, as in "0079" TV series, we
can see a whole bunch of h-bs (at least a few dozens
+) laying around inside Texas Colony. This is a
further proof that Ma Kube had carefully planned
everything to capture/defeat "Gundam". IMHO, the small
missiles and hide-bombs from Gyan's shield are not
instantly effective in combat situation, but they work
up to the teeth when a mission plan is well executed.

> Frankly, if it hadn't been for the appearance of
> Lalah and the inadvertent newtype turbo-charge she
> gives Amuro, it was looking like Ma Kube was about
> defeat the Gundam. Wow!

That particular segment still troubles me a lot. By
the time Gundam dueled with Gyan, Amuro has processed
NT ability already. Given to his (somewhat)
cold-hearted personality, he could still defeat Ma
Kube with or without Lalah's appearance. Whatever the
truth is, Amuro does have a little advantage over the
old-type Ma Kube. :)

> While the Gyan's lack of a beam rifle, bazooka, or
> machine gun would be a liability for anyone but Ma
> Kube, I assume it could use any weapon that a Rick
> Dom could (after all, it was built by the same
> company). And it's definitely an improvement over
> Rick Dom from a performance standpoint...

The MSV retcon in Oct 1999 issue of "Dengeki Hobby"
shows the loyal remnants of Ma Kube's troop were
equipped with MS-15A "Gyan", with Gelgoog's beam
rifle, twin beam sword and a Gelgoog-style shield.
Although this is a modeller's retcon, it seems to be
logical after "Gyan" lost out the big contact against
"Gelgoog" to be the next mass-produced Zeon MS.

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