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Dafydd writes,

>You do, however, see "Zion" on dozens of model kits of recent vintage, such
>as the first run of MG, where the MS-06F Zaku II was identified as the
>"Zion Dukedom General Purpose Mass-Production Mobile Suit".

  Such is the chaos that thrives in the absence of central authority. Now
that Sunrise has belatedly made up its mind, you'll see the terminology
has been updated in recent toys and model kits.

>Note another usage: "Dukedom" instead of "Duchy" or "Archduchy". Ten years
>ago, when they were Nazifying the Zeon, they went so far as to use
>"Herzogtum" (German for "dukedom").

  There is no "they." The only place I ever saw this was in the
Entertainment Bible series - if memory serves, only in the character
collections edited by Studio Hard.

>That's also when they introduced the UNT ("United Nation Troops") Spacy
into the mix.

  This, at least, appeared in the animation... so you can blame Sunrise's
sloppiness. :-)

Nightingale writes,

>I'm glad Sunrise finally decided to use the word to
>describe the Zabi-ruled Zeon: "Principality", which
>represents a soverign state, rather than the old
>"Duchy", which gears toward a fief within the the
>domain of the Earth Federation.

  The official Sunrise-approved name list explains their reasoning for
the new translation (an explanation reprinted in the magazine G20); the
Japanese word "kokoku" is used to describe the real-world principalities
of Andorra, Monaco, et cetera. Of course, this begs the question of why a
principality is ruled by an archduke, hence Sunrise specified the cop-out
title "Sovereign" for Degin Zabi himeself.

-- Mark

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