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>> The spikes on 08's J-type Zaku is certainly not for
>> storing weapons, but the right shoulder shield of
>> MS-06D "Desert Zaku" (from ZZ and MSV) has
>> custom-built clamps to hold a hand-held
>> rocket-launcher; Zaku III Custom's right shoulder
>> 'rack shield' can store missiles, and "Jagd Doga"
>> (from CCA) shoulder shields can store psycommu
>> funnels, as well as small grenades.
> The Jagd Doga had grenades to go with that?
> hmmm...I didn't notice that.

They are stored at the lower tips of the shields.

> lessee now...looking at my kit manuals, the rx78 HG
> 1/144 had a shield with two sabers and the rifle
> stowed in it, while the Perfect gundam from MSV
> had three sabers and what looks to be four grenades.
> no shield-mounted stuff, though.

Unless someone is considering the armor covering the
right hand beam cannons of FA-78-1 "Full-Armored
Gundam" (from MSV) as a 'shield', but I think no FA
pilots will ever risk losing its main weapons by
blocking a shot with this.

> Question: i dunno, but isn't stowing weapons other
> than a beam saber kinda dangerous? I mean, i would
> understand it being stuck to the backpack and all
> that, but when parrying with a shield which has
> something potentially explosive in it...

On Earth atmosphere it'll be a problem of gravity. On
various modelling magazines (like HJ), it has been
stated that Gouf Custom can tuck its heat sabre into
the 'Gatling shield', but this is not a normal
practice as it will increase the burden for GC's left
arm (i.e., gatling triple-pack + shield + clip-on
gatling gun + heat sabre) and hamper GC's mobility.

I think the retcon of RX-78, with spare beam sabre
hilt stored inside the shield, was based on what we
saw on 0079's TV series: when Amuro/Gundam destroys
Zeon warships with beam sabres, he has a habit of
leaving the weapons behind & get away before the
target explodes. the spare hilts are, therefore, the
replenishment to make up for his 'bad habit'.

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