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>>Chances are that this is the only appearance of the Snow-Mirage Gundam,
>>which means it has no official existence. It certainly doesn't exist in
>>any of the anime continuity of which I'm aware.
>That brings to mind anohter question: What MS suits (if any) started out
>as fan creations which then became official ones?

To my knowledge, this has only happened once, with Gundam Sentinel.

The MSV weren't fan creations. They were designs that were drawn up for
the original Gundam series but never used, because Gundam was cut short at
43 episodes instead of going for the full 52. These designs were later
released as models under the MSV imprint.

Similarly, MS-X and other variations were done by the pros, not fans.
While there have been any number of scratchbuilds and fan designs, only
those from Gundam Sentinel were ever released as official plastic kits.


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