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How much did it cost you for that part?
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> >Since HLJ uses UPS exclusively for all orders shipped to the U.S., expect
> >to pay more than is justifiable for shipping alone. As for the cost of
> >part itself, look up your kit's manual. There will be a coupon with
> >lines around it so people can clip it out and send it to Bandai to order
> >parts. Next to the coupon they will tell you which parts cost how much,
> >and the corresponding shipping charges (from Bandai to a Japanese
> >This will most likely be added to your total cost, should you decide to
> >order the part from HLJ.
> >Basically it comes down to a choice of living with an imperfect model,
> >buy another kit for the part, or spend just a bit less just for the part
> >you need (depending on the kit's size and price).
> >Eddie
> I've used this to actually get a shield for my gelgoog cannon.... it
> and if you really love your kit that much, then go get it...however, one
> should weigh the cost of getting the part over as compared to buying
> another kit....
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