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>>There are many examples of Fighter Gundams being controlled by their pilots
>>while the pilots where outside the cockpit and not using any kind of remote
>>control. Examples are the Bolt, the Dragon, and the Rose, which we see in
>>almost all episodes where they appear, that the pilot can control them
>>without remotes. From this, I assumed that all Fighter Gundam pilots where
>>New Types and that each Fighter Gundam was "tuned" to its pilot. Another
>>example of this is the Neo-North American competition for pilot status of
>>Maxter, where only the best can have that privilege. The Dragon is obviously
>>piloted by a very powerful New Type, since we rarely every see the pilot
>>actually inside the Dragon (until combat, that is). The same is true for the
>>Bolt, while the Rose is obviously piloted by veteran.
>Whoa. you mean all the G fighters are Newtypes? is this explicitly said?
>that would explain some of their gundams abilities. it also, strangely
>enough, would explain some of the GW/EW Sandrock's actions (aside from
>seeing in one scene the term ALICE II on a monitor, of course).

No, G Gundam doesn't have Newtypes at all. What we're seeing here is an
analog of the sentai shows, where the hero summons the robot, which
operates either autonomously or by a pre-programmed sequence until the
pilot boards, usually by riding up a beam of light, as anything less would
be tediously time-consuming. The same thing happens with the MF in G Gundam

(STAR TREK introduced the concept of the transporter because they didn't
have the time or budget to depict the ship landing every episode.)

So, Damon snaps his fingers and the pod opens to reveal the Shining Gundam,
which moves into position to receive Domon, who magically appears in the
cockpit. (Later, he docks the air car with the God Gundam to board.) Once
in the cockpit, Domon goes through the Trace System rubberizing process,
then does his warmup and checkout kata (now faithfully replicated by the
MF) and is ready to rock 'n' roll.

Without the pilot, the MF can perform certian limited functions to link up
with the pilot. Once the pilot is aboard, the Trace System translates the
pilot's movements into MF actions.

No Newtypes, no real mystery here.


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