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>> In the Gundam Crossover Notebook, it is MAN
>oh, let me clear this up. My last post was half right half wrong. The
>Ziong is indeed MAN-02, and would indicate it is a mobile armour.
>HOWEVER the Perfect Zion is MSN-02 and would indicate it is a mobile

Some clarification appears to be in order here.

First, the Gundam Crossover Notebook cannot be trusted in this regard,
because Kazuhisa Kondoh has a long history of introducing his own
nomenclature and mecha into the mix. With the possible exception of the
Gundam 0079 manga, on which Kondoh was confined to the most part to a
strict retelling the original series, almost everything Kondoh has done can
be considered an alternate history.

They're called "Crossover Notebooks" because they cross over from the real
world into Kondoh's alternative view.

But that's not the problem here. What we have here is an editorial error.

If you look at the "Ziong" illo on page 033 of Crossover Notebook 1 a
little more closely, you'll note that the model number superimposed on the
Zeon emblem is MSN-02, while the model number in the two descriptive
paragraphs is MAN-02.

The text is wrong. The Zeong is, and has always been, MSN-02.

The Perfect Zeong is also an MSN-02, because it's not a new model, just the
completed version of the same model. The Perfect Zeong is 30.1 meters tall
to the Zeong's 17.3 meters, 234.2 tons base weight to 151.2 tons and 421.2
tons full weight to 231.9 tons, but both have a 9.4MW generator, 8.1km
sensor radius and 187,000kg thrust. Both carry ten wire-guided
mega-particle guns, two hand-mounted mega-particle guns and a miuth-mounted
mega-particle gun. The net result is that the thrust-to-weight ratio on
the Perfect Zeong drops from 0.81 to 0.44, because its mass has increased
while its thrust has not.

Char was better off with the incompleted Zeong, because it was just under
twice as fast as the Perfect Zeong would've been, but otherwise there's no
difference. Shoot the legs off an MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki, as happened at
the end of Z Gundam, and it doesn't become a new model.


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