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>The spikes on 08's J-type Zaku is certainly not for
>storing weapons, but the right shoulder shield of
>MS-06D "Desert Zaku" (from ZZ and MSV) has
>custom-built clamps to hold a hand-held
>rocket-launcher; Zaku III Custom's right shoulder
>'rack shield' can store missiles, and "Jagd Doga"
>(from CCA) shoulder shields can store psycommu
>funnels, as well as small grenades.

The Jagd Doga had grenades to go with that? hmmm...I didn't notice that.
The Desert Zaku had tonloads of weaponry all over it. The ZakuIII custom
that's being sold now seems to have three grenade type weapons and two
sabers hidden in the right shield.

>> Hmmm...I think that the original rx-78's shield had
>> clamps in the back to load other weapons...or was
>> that a retcon idea developed for the MSV perfect
>> gundam and the HG 1/144 kit? As for firing from the
>> shield, that I don't know.
>RX-78's shield can store spare hilts of beam sabres,
>but it does not contain any weapons that can be
>launched for attack similar to those of Gyan and Gouf
>Custom. It wasn't until RX-93 "nu-Gundam" that the
>Gundam shield was equipped with beam gun and small

lessee now...looking at my kit manuals, the rx78 HG 1/144 had a shield with
two sabers and the rifle stowed in it, while the Perfect gundam from MSV
had three sabers and what looks to be four grenades. no shield-mounted
stuff, though.

Question: i dunno, but isn't stowing weapons other than a beam saber kinda
dangerous? I mean, i would understand it being stuck to the backpack and
all that, but when parrying with a shield which has something potentially
explosive in it...

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