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>>> Am I the only one thinking that the shield in
>>> Zaku IIs are useless. I mean, what are the chances
>>> that anyone trying to hit your "shoulder" from the
>>> side?
>> How about MS fighting pitch battles in close
>> quarter? In episode 10 of "The 08th MS Team" OVA,
>> Gouf Custom uses its spiked shoulder armors to hit
>> Karen's "GM Head" in a head-to-head encounter.
>> Before the Feds have the own MS, Zakus spiked left
>> shoulder are useful for knocking off infrastructues

>> and armors from bulky target such as battleships.
>> "08", the Ground-Combat J-type Zakus have their
>> right shoulder shield studded with 3 dull-edged
>> spikes to enhance the close combat ability.
> I was thinking about it in the same premise, that
> the spiked shoulder is used to do the MS equivalent
> of shoulder rams or football-style tackles. The
> spikes would be destructive in this sense. The right

> shoulder shield of the zaku, I think, serves more as

> a place to stow weapons, as in the desert zaku and
> the johnny ridden zakuII -- in both cases, extra
> weaponry was loaded on it with a clamp. It also
> reminds me of the old samurai upper arm armor
> plates...from which it could have been based on.

The spikes on 08's J-type Zaku is certainly not for
storing weapons, but the right shoulder shield of
MS-06D "Desert Zaku" (from ZZ and MSV) has
custom-built clamps to hold a hand-held
rocket-launcher; Zaku III Custom's right shoulder
'rack shield' can store missiles, and "Jagd Doga"
(from CCA) shoulder shields can store psycommu
funnels, as well as small grenades.

>>> BTW, is (Gann/Gyan) the first weapon (missles)-
>>> carrying shield in gundam? I know a lot of MS
>>> carry sabers and ammon clips, but is it the 1st
>>> to carry things that actually lanuch from the
>>> shield?
>> It used to be, until "The 08th MS Team" OVA was
>> released. Gouf Custom's "gatling shield" can be
>> counted as a weapon as well as a defense mechanism.
>> One may argue that the gatling is a clip-on weapon,
>> but at least it fires from the shield.
> Hmmm...I think that the original rx-78's shield had
> clamps in the back to load other weapons...or was
> that a retcon idea developed for the MSV perfect
> gundam and the HG 1/144 kit? As for firing from the
> shield, that I don't know.

RX-78's shield can store spare hilts of beam sabres,
but it does not contain any weapons that can be
launched for attack similar to those of Gyan and Gouf
Custom. It wasn't until RX-93 "nu-Gundam" that the
Gundam shield was equipped with beam gun and small

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