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>> Am I the only one thinking that the shield in Zaku
>> IIs are useless. I mean, what are the chances that
>> anyone trying to hit your "shoulder" from the side?
>How about MS fighting pitch battles in close quarter?
>In episode 10 of "The 08th MS Team" OVA, Gouf Custom
>uses its spiked shoulder armors to hit Karen's "GM
>Head" in a head-to-head encounter. Before the Feds
>have the own MS, Zakus spiked left shoulder are useful
>for knocking off infrastructues and armors from bulky
>target such as battleships. In "08", the Ground-Combat
>J-type Zakus have their right shoulder shield studded
>with 3 dull-edged spikes to enhance the close combat

I was thinking about it in the same premise, that the spiked shoulder is
used to do the MS equivalent of shoulder rams or football-style tackles.
The spikes would be destructive in this sense. the right shoulder shield
of the zaku, I think, serves more as a place to stow weapons, as in the
desert zaku and the johnny ridden zakuII -- in both cases, extra weaponry
was loaded on it with a clamp. It also reminds me of the old samurai upper
arm armor plates...from which it could have been based on.

>>BTW, is (Gann/Gyan) the first weapon (missles)-
>> carrying shield in gundam? I know a lot of MS carry
>> sabers and ammon clips, but is it the 1st one to
>> carry things that actually lanuch from the shield?
>It used to be, until "The 08th MS Team" OVA was
>released. Gouf Custom's "gatling shield" can be
>counted as a weapon as well as a defense mechanism.
>One may argue that the gatling is a clip-on weapon,
>but at least it fires from the shield.

Hmmm...I think that the original rx-78's shield had clamps in the back to
load other weapons...or was that a retcon idea developed for the MSV
perfect gundam and the HG 1/144 kit? As for firing from the shield, that I
don't know.

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