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>Modeling advice #1
>Always keep a flash light handy when building a model. This way, if you
>dropped a small piece, you can get on your hands and knees with the flash
>light , lay the flash light on the floor and see what you find. The piece,
>if you are lucky, will be a lot easier to find since you are now casting a
>shadow on it.
>Big rule of thumb: Always check under your nose! The piece an sometimes be
>launched into your pocket or the folds of your pants!
>Gus Jae

In addition to Gus Jae's advice, do keep either a very clean work desk for
your kits or have a nice white clothwhich you can work on, so if anything
suddenly falls off, it will land on the cloth. easy anough to find it
then. for teh flashlight, I normally have two: one with a normal bulb, the
other is the yellowish kind of light (tungsten? I'm not sure). That takes
care of any parts which don't seem to react too well to white light, like
dark pieces on a dark wooden floor in my case.

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