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>> Take a wild guess where the Rising Gundam came from...
>> Eddie
>The rebuilt husk of the Shining Gundam? And since Rain did the work, she
>the pilot it. I loved the "Female" type weapons of a Daikyu and Naginata.

Hmmm. that would explain the kit of the Rising gundam. It was practically
the Shining Gundam minus certain specific parts, with its complement of
weapons and other parts on a separate frame. It even had the Shingin
Gundam's shoulders -- reversed color, red not blue. One also gets an extra
pair of swords and the waist clamp for them. also included are extra
mouth/cheek parts from the Shining Gundam. A new head is included, of
course, along with the back mount for the heat naginata, the naginata, an
extra gun that loads onto the arm, the bowcannon on the left hand, the
shoulderbinders and their shield-form for use with the bowcannon's folded
mode, and the actual shoulder armor plates...and a non clamp left waist
armor piece. Oh, and extra leg plates to compensate for the non inclusion
of the calf boosters of the Shining gundam.

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