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Edward Ju wrote:

> >oh, let me clear this up. My last post was half right half wrong. The
> >Ziong is indeed MAN-02, and would indicate it is a mobile armour.
> >HOWEVER the Perfect Zion is MSN-02 and would indicate it is a mobile
> >suit
> Bandai's catalog has always listed it as MSN-02 for both the legless
> original and the legged MSV incarnation.

Man, I should be more careful with what I send out. Thi sis the second
tidy up message I have sent today >_<

The 98 MS Encyclopedia has as I have described, legless version as MSN
(page 24), Perfect version as MAN (page 24), in the COLOURED pages. Now
that I look at it, that's kinda backward. To make things even less
consistant than they are, the monchrome designs has the original Ziong
as MSN-02 (page 113)

                  Michael Ip

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