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> Note another usage: "Dukedom" instead of "Duchy" or
> "Archduchy". Ten years ago, when they were Nazifying

> the Zeon, they went so far as to use "Herzogtum"
> (German for "dukedom"). That's also when they
> introduced the UNT ("United Nation Troops") Spacy
> into the mix.
> Now, however, UNTS has been phased out and quietly
> replaced by EFSF (Earth Federation Space Force),
> while Dukedom has been changed to "Principality"....

I'm glad Sunrise finally decided to use the word to
describe the Zabi-ruled Zeon: "Principality", which
represents a soverign state, rather than the old
"Duchy", which gears toward a fief within the the
domain of the Earth Federation.

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