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>You know, never once saw the aforementioned Duchy romanised as Zion or
>Zeon in anime.

You do, however, see "Zion" on dozens of model kits of recent vintage, such
as the first run of MG, where the MS-06F Zaku II was identified as the
"Zion Dukedom General Purpose Mass-Production Mobile Suit".

Note another usage: "Dukedom" instead of "Duchy" or "Archduchy". Ten years
ago, when they were Nazifying the Zeon, they went so far as to use
"Herzogtum" (German for "dukedom"). That's also when they introduced the
UNT ("United Nation Troops") Spacy into the mix.

Now, however, UNTS has been phased out and quietly replaced by EFSF (Earth
Federation Space Force), while Dukedom has been changed to "Principality"....

>> (Giong just doesn't work, ne?)
>:P haha make fun of my way of romanising 'Gion', but you are right,
>Giong doesn't work...it's kind of like a typo for 'going'.

I wasn't making fun of it. I was merely pointing out the usage over the
years and where that particular usage fit into it. The Giong bit was
simply an observation that the <name of the founder of Side 3> plus G
convention doesn't work with that particular usage, not a pan of the usage

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