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Space Cruiser (Battleship) Yamato is better known in the US and other
countries as "Star Blazers." The shows and following movies revolve
around the adventures of the Japanese battleship Yamato, sunk during
WWII and retrofitted to be spaceworthy in 2199 when Earth was under
attack by the planet Gamilus (Gamilon). Star Blazers was first
broadcast around 1978 in the US. Currently, Voyager Entertainment has
the first 2 seasons out on tape of Star Blazers as well as the unaired
3rd season (or was it only aired in limited areas?) out on video. Also
available is the Yamato movie boxed set which has the 5 Yamato
theatrical releases subtitled.
Right now, Studio Next is showing Star Blazers for six weeks, and they
are currently showing Episode 3. Check it out at www.studionext.com.

For me, Yamato ranks among the all-time greatest anime sagas up there
with Gundam and Macross, and a lot of people out there agree. A couple
of years ago, a new Yamato series, Yamato 2520 aired in Japan with mecha
designs by Syd Mead (yes the same guy that designed that bizarre Turn-A
Gundam, although the more I look at it, the more I'm beginning to like
that SUIT). I've been looking for fansubs of 2520, but so far, I
haven't found any. Does anyone out there know of a distributor who has

Regarding Syd Mead's design for the new Yamato, he received quite a bit
of criticism for the new Yamato's look, similar to the flak he got for
the Turn-A Gundam. I'm not sure what it is with Syd Mead's anime
designs, but with me, at first, I really didn't like his works for
either Yamato and Gundam. However, with the passing of time, and the
more times I see them, those designs are growing on me more and more.
Who out there agrees with me?


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> HI Whats Yamato TV Series about are there any subed epi out ?
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