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reika wrote:
> -Z- wrote:
> > Now, however, the Powers That Be at Sunrise have decided to Romanize it as
> > "Zeon" and so the problem is officially solved.
> You know, never once saw the aforementioned Duchy romanised as Zion or
> Zeon in anime. I have seen them referred to as Jion somewhere, can't
> quite remember (but you can bet it wasn't F91) and Gion in a letter from
> October to Chein in CCA.
> > Ziong -> Jiong -> Zeong
> >
> > (Giong just doesn't work, ne?)
> :P haha make fun of my way of romanising 'Gion', but you are right,
> Giong doesn't's kind of like a typo for 'going'.
Generally, it's never Romanized as 'Zion' for the reason that Shodt
didn't use that form, due to the religious and political connotations of
the name.

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