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> Yeah, but I don't think they have that technology in
> the G Gundam world. I don't know how Kyouji controls
> the Devil Gundam though...

There are many examples of Fighter Gundams being controlled by their pilots
while the pilots where outside the cockpit and not using any kind of remote
control. Examples are the Bolt, the Dragon, and the Rose, which we see in
almost all episodes where they appear, that the pilot can control them
without remotes. From this, I assumed that all Fighter Gundam pilots where
New Types and that each Fighter Gundam was "tuned" to its pilot. Another
example of this is the Neo-North American competition for pilot status of the
Maxter, where only the best can have that privilege. The Dragon is obviously
piloted by a very powerful New Type, since we rarely every see the pilot
actually inside the Dragon (until combat, that is). The same is true for the
Bolt, while the Rose is obviously piloted by veteran.


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