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> MS-06 series Zaku IIs - shoulder-mounted shields
> MS-07 series Goufs - shield equipped
> MS-14 series Gelgoog - shield equipped
> Considering how many Zakus and Gelgoogs were made, I wouldn't use the word
> "few"...

Am I the only one thinking that the shield in Zaku IIs are useless. I mean,
what are the chances that anyone trying to hit your "shoulder" from the side? To
block attack from the front, Zaku has to turn it's body, thus lose sight of the
enemy. I would think anybody will aim DOWN after that. At the end, the Zaku is
history. The shields carry by Gelgoog Marine and Zaku I make more sense then
these shoulder-shields floating around in space.

Anyone can enlighten me on how the shoulder-shield works? It been troubling me
eversince I was a kid. Another thing is the missle-carrying shield of gyan.
With all the weaponary it carrys in the shield, the pilot will be very thankful
if only it's arm get blow up by the explosion.

BTW, is that the first weapon(missles)-carrying shield in gundam? I know a lot
of MS carry sabers and ammon clips, but is it the 1st one to carry things that
actually lanuch from the shield?


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