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<< Hello people. I need help on a situation that i'm in...
 A friend continuously asked me to let him build a Wing Zero Custom 1/100
 I've recently bought... well... after 2 days, he did fine...
 but the "eyes" plastic glass (the one used to fill the eye gap) is
 I've recently searched out his house for it but it was nooo good...
 and after punching him in the neck in anguish, I can't finish the model
 for 8
 months already... My options are...
 1. Use model putty to "mold & fill" the gap, but I don't know which one
 to buy
 or how to apply it.
 2. Use clay ? Since I don't know about puttys... but i'm not sure about
 3. Buy another Wing Zero Custom 1/100 model ? Now how will it solve the
 models' eye ?
 4. Steal a plastic eye glass from another friends' model ? (I am truly
 5. Destroy some of my old models to use their eyes, but it looks like ti
 Any suggestions? Comments?
 Thanks everyone. >>
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