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Well, the bible does say something about an eye for an eye, so I say you use
your friends eye and put it in there, it might be a little messy, but it
will start looking like a Zion mech with the mono eye...that is unless you
take both his eyes :D

Seriously, I think Eddie mentioned to me that HLJ has some kind of a
replacement part service. Hey Eddie, any ideas?

Modeling advice #1

Always keep a flash light handy when building a model. This way, if you
dropped a small piece, you can get on your hands and knees with the flash
light , lay the flash light on the floor and see what you find. The piece,
if you are lucky, will be a lot easier to find since you are now casting a
shadow on it.
Big rule of thumb: Always check under your nose! The piece an sometimes be
launched into your pocket or the folds of your pants!

Gus Jae
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Subject: [gundam] My Wing Zero's blind.

> Hello people. I need help on a situation that i'm in...
> A friend continuously asked me to let him build a Wing Zero Custom 1/100
> that
> I've recently bought... well... after 2 days, he did fine...
> but the "eyes" plastic glass (the one used to fill the eye gap) is
> missing...
> I've recently searched out his house for it but it was nooo good...
> and after punching him in the neck in anguish, I can't finish the model
> for 8
> months already... My options are...
> 1. Use model putty to "mold & fill" the gap, but I don't know which one
> to buy
> or how to apply it.
> 2. Use clay ? Since I don't know about puttys... but i'm not sure about
> it...
> 3. Buy another Wing Zero Custom 1/100 model ? Now how will it solve the
> second
> models' eye ?
> 4. Steal a plastic eye glass from another friends' model ? (I am truly
> evil.)
> 5. Destroy some of my old models to use their eyes, but it looks like ti
> won't
> fit...
> Any suggestions? Comments?
> Thanks everyone.
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