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> Physically challenged? I don't think the colonies would
> even think of a physically challenged/handicapped person
> to represent them in the Gundam Fight. However, didn't
> you notice that the Gundams in G Gundam have some sort
> of relevance to the Gundam Fighters? If so, then the
> Gundam to be used by a physically challenged person
> would most probably be designed to utilize a tool that
> is used by the fighter/pilot, like a crutch or a wheel-
> chair. Just my opinion.

Hmmm...if you will be strict about it, a colony woud send the best physical
specimen in the best gundam -- thereby disqualifying anyone with any sort
of physical infirmity or problem, much like the Uberman idea. If the
gundams were neurallly wired though (thus not needing the virtual reality
suits a la Daimos), then there would be a possibility that a pilot could be
physically challenged

>And how do you transform?
> Transform into what? Fighter plane mode ala Wing or
> Zeta? I don't think there is a need for that in the
> Gundam Fight since the type of battle there is more
> or less a one-on-one tournament style. And yeah,
> martial arts and hand-to-hand/weapon combat.

Hmmm...I think that would depend on the colony's concept of battle...a
transformable system would be quite useful for some.

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