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> What do you guys think of Gyan?? I never saw the ORIGINAL tv series except
> for the 3 movies. The first time I saw Gyan was on those old gumpra
> I found its design to be intriguing. With a diamond shape head, beam
> and a shield!! Yes a shield, one of the few Zion MS that actually sports a
> shield. But sadly to my knowledge, it sports no beam guns, thus the lack
> advantage in long range battles. But nevertheless,very striking in
> It actually looks like a MS only to be piloted by aces or the higher rank
> officers. The reason I choose Gyan for the topic is because nobody ever
> talks about it. A small change at least.

The Gyan looks like a knight in armor. Kind of a throwback, in a way, when
you realize that Mobile Suits are both the armor and the steed upon which a
pilot rides.


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