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Pretty hard to say. We see Amuro's newtype ability increase dramatically
during the final moments in OYW. As much as I hate to say, Char's newtype
abilities aren't as well tapped as Amuro. Even if Ziong or Jiong was
completed I don't think it would make much difference. I mean by adding two
legs it will probably make the thing more cumbersome in terms of
maneurverability because of the leg weight. I agree the firepower the Ziong
carries really packs some punch but it all comes down to who pilots the
MS/MA. Take a look back in Char's Counter Attack. Sazabi is a MS monster,
with newtype weapons and its height dwarfs even the mighty nu gundam. But
who got trashed the most?? Char was wielding two lightsabers during the
duel(if I can remember correctly) outnumering nu gundam in terms of weapons
at hands. And in the end char had to catapult the escape pod. As for your
question, I think the question is very objective. Everyone could argue which
MS/MA is the best. Some people might like the simple zaku or zugock or dom
or even hte slow guntank. For me I practically like all the OYW MS. I like
them for different reasons. I like each of them because of some of the
special abilities/design/weapons they have while others don't have. Well I
guess that's all I have to say for now. Don't get discouraged by comments I
have put, like thinking that I'm trying to end the subject. In fact I
encourage people to write more about their views on their favorite MS of
OYW. There's nothing more entertaining than to talk about the classic
Mobile Suits. ^_^

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>Subject: Re: [gundam] The best Mobile Suit of OYW
>Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 20:14:42 -0700
>The Jiong is a mobile armor not a suit.
> >What is the best overall mobile suit fielded during OYW in the original
> >series? IMHO, had Zeon actually finished Jiong, and had Char actually
> >more than 5 minutes with the unit, it is much deadlier mobile suit.
> >having no melee weapon, it has enough firepower and maneuverability to
> >circle around Gundam. If we were to replicate Amuro and have equal
> >experience with both Jiong and Gundam, Jiong should come up ahead with
> >superior firepower. Gundam's main advantage of close quarter combat is
> >somewhat offset by Jiong's ability to attack at all angle with the
> >wire-guided mega cannon...
> >
> >What do you folks think?
> >
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