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Hi I think I have a clip do you want me to email it to you ?

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>>So can anyone please tell me wat the animation of G Gundam
>>looks like? Is it comparable to Gundam Wing? 'Cos I have
>>Gundam X and sometimes, the animation seems a bit . . poor
>>compared to Gundam W. maybe cos G X has real fighting but
>>then . . ..
>>So, wat is the animation quality like ? Wat is it
>>comparable to ?
>overall, i say g gundam animation is at least on a par with g wing. less
>stock footage than g wing. mecha fighting is ok but always too short. it
>doesn't compare to f91's much hyped fighting
 I disagree... I thought G Gundam's animation was the worst in years. Lines
 are simplified to the point of 70's animation, characters' faces show enough
 distortion that it's annoying to watch. Wing and X had much better
 animation than G. For that matter, even V had better animation.
 mirai y
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