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> I expect that Cartoon Network will simply be airing the same English-dubbed
> episodes that Anime Village will be releasing on videotape and DVD in due
> course.
> This is no guarantee of authenticity, however, as witness the English dub
> of the Gundam trilogy versus the initial subtitled version. The dubbed
> version of Gundam Wing slated for CN could use the same script as the
> subtitled version or be so completely different as to be unrecognizable.
> It could rock or it could rot, but we won't know until it actually airs.

That's what I am thinking, too. It will either be good or be horrible or even

> It's quite possible that AV has made a deal with CN such that CN will
> bankroll or even subcontract the dubbing of the Gundam Wing episodes, which
> will then be distributed through AV. That's pure speculation, mind you,
> but it makes sense for both companies to leverage one another that way.
> In any case, I expect that the same dubbed version will be forthcoming from
> both CN and AV.

Yep, I think so too or at least hope so. I like dubs if they are done right,
but I hope they release a subtitled version too, which probably they will,
since almost all anime is subbed, then released as dubbed. BTW, How is AV's
dubs? I haven't had the chance to purchase them yet, but will be able to
soon. I will probably get the subs, but am curious about the dubs.


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