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>I remember that, but I didn't know what Gundam show ToyFare was talking
>about. What do you think of Gundam Wing being on CN? I think its good, if its
>done right.

I expect that Cartoon Network will simply be airing the same English-dubbed
episodes that Anime Village will be releasing on videotape and DVD in due

This is no guarantee of authenticity, however, as witness the English dub
of the Gundam trilogy versus the initial subtitled version. The dubbed
version of Gundam Wing slated for CN could use the same script as the
subtitled version or be so completely different as to be unrecognizable.
It could rock or it could rot, but we won't know until it actually airs.

It's quite possible that AV has made a deal with CN such that CN will
bankroll or even subcontract the dubbing of the Gundam Wing episodes, which
will then be distributed through AV. That's pure speculation, mind you,
but it makes sense for both companies to leverage one another that way.

In any case, I expect that the same dubbed version will be forthcoming from
both CN and AV.


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