mirai yashima (mirai_yashima@hotmail.com)
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 13:40:49 EDT

> >> i don't think g gundam caters to the bishonen phenomenon as much as g
>wing, so you have butt-ugly character designs sometimes (george d'sande is
>freaking ugly, i don't know how he's supposed to be the
>aristocratic pretty boy.
> Whoa! Just wait one freakin' minute here... George aint
> that bad. IMHO, he looks better than that whimpy Quatre
> and certainly a more appealing character than Trowa
> (although I believe he's kinda like a cross between
> tha two). He's the bishonen of the series, and that's
> that. Sai is the one who's ugly >:)

I'll throw in a woman's opinion here. The characters in g gundam are quite
*unappealing*. I've heard of a few female Domon fans, but George was quite
ugly. I would say there were certainly no bishonen in the series. Sai, on
the otherhand, I thought was a cute kid.


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