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>J Hsu writes,
>>According to the latest G-Goods Newsletter, slated for release in October
>>are the "1/100 MG Casper's (Kaspal?) Gundam 4500yen" and the "1/100 MG
>>Gato's Gelgoog 5500yen". I assume the latter is the Gelgoog Marine in
>>but I have no idea what the former is. Can anyone shed some light on
> Gato's Gelgoog is seen very briefly in the flashback at the start of
>Gundam 0083. It's colored green and blue, and is physically identical to
>the classic Gelgoog. (Then he ditches it and tries to steal Delaz's
>personal Dom...) Thus, the kit is just a recolored version of the Char's
>Gelgoog kit.

So that Rick Dom was Delaz's personal MS. I figured Gato just want another
working MS and go right back out to combat, since his own Gelgoog (is it
YMS-14A or MS-14? I figured that Gato would be in the Ace Corp) has been
render useless. It would make sense that Delaz would have a personal MS,
and it being available at the time. Afterall, he is too busy commanding his
ship and its MS to go out in combat himself.

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