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J Hsu writes,

>According to the latest G-Goods Newsletter, slated for release in October
>are the "1/100 MG Casper's (Kaspal?) Gundam 4500yen" and the "1/100 MG
>Gato's Gelgoog 5500yen". I assume the latter is the Gelgoog Marine in 0083,
>but I have no idea what the former is. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  You'll note they're listed as being on sale only on October 9 and 10 -
i.e., they're limited editions available only at some model fair. Both
have metallic plating, like the previous shiny versions of the Gundam, Z
Gundam, GP01Fb, and Char's Zaku. The extra price premium that Eddie noted
is probably a result of their being limited-edition kits that will be
sold for two days only. (Completists take note - Heroes' Club in San
Francisco is planning to send a couple of people to the show to pick up a
few of each.)

  The Casval's Gundam is, as noted previously, from the Giren's Greed
strategy game for the Sega Saturn (and coming this winter to the
PlayStation). In one of the possible alternate plot developments in the
game, modeled on the Gundam novels, Char quits Zeon and starts his own
faction, called "Neo Zeon." He changes his name back to Casval Rem Daikun
(that's how Sunrise has belatedly decided it should be spelled), joins
forces with the White Base crew, and gets his own red-painted Gundam. The
kit itself is just a recolored version of the MG Gundam.

  Gato's Gelgoog is seen very briefly in the flashback at the start of
Gundam 0083. It's colored green and blue, and is physically identical to
the classic Gelgoog. (Then he ditches it and tries to steal Delaz's
personal Dom...) Thus, the kit is just a recolored version of the Char's
Gelgoog kit.

-- Mark

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