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I thought of the same thing. An English Gundam modeling book would be high
on my list. I was always hoping someone would put out the Gundam Weapons
books in English, that would have been sweet. :-)
When I attended Anime-Expo about 3 years ago, I was looking for a panel on
building mecha models but none were offered. Maybe the Gundam ML can put
something together for next year.

I've always had mecha builders ask me how did I come up with that idea or
how did I do that technique. Well, there all things I learned and just
carried over from when I used to build jet planes and tanks.

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Vince Leon

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>Give me a few more years, I have been work on one on the side for a while
>now. Nothing worth showing yet. Someday... :P
>Gus Jae

I think a english-text Gundam model book would go over quite well,
relatively speaking. At this last Anime Central convention, when a
modeling class was announced, a majority of the people showed up
for mecha-modeling, when the class was mostly for garage kit figures.
I have thought about having a mecha/Gundam focused modeling class at
this next convention, just to dispel some of the knowledge I have had
to scrounge for myself do to the lack of sources out there.

I mean, Gundam has a rather huge number of it's fans finding out about
it throught the models (myself included), so I think a book dedicated
to the models would do suprisingly well.

Mark Kai

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