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>That sucks, if you have the flu does that mean the mobile suit will have sneeze fits with you? Or what if you are physically challenged?

 Physically challenged? I don't think the colonies would
 even think of a physically challenged/handicapped person
 to represent them in the Gundam Fight. However, didn't
 you notice that the Gundams in G Gundam have some sort
 of relevance to the Gundam Fighters? If so, then the
 Gundam to be used by a physically challenged person
 would most probably be designed to utilize a tool that
 is used by the fighter/pilot, like a crutch or a wheel-
 chair. Just my opinion.

And how do you transform?

 Transform into what? Fighter plane mode ala Wing or
 Zeta? I don't think there is a need for that in the
 Gundam Fight since the type of battle there is more
 or less a one-on-one tournament style. And yeah,
 martial arts and hand-to-hand/weapon combat.

>>The story's quite "Too Much"... like when I saw it, I was sooo pissed at it because the storyline's VERY different from the other Gundam installments... it is waay to different from all of them... it's so Un-Gundam like. It's like a super-hero gundam story. Not like the other
gundam installments, military stories of war, death & peace ideals. (Not to mention pilots being stabbed in the cockpit by a beam saber.)

 That's what makes it so interesting :)

A few points I would like to comment on:

>>The characters design is not bad, but their powers, is like... Oh I don't know how to describe it. (Like crap probably.)

 Actually, the powers are pretty cool and some of the
 fight scenes are great. Although, there's a lot of
 silliness in G Gundam that ought to make everyone
 either laugh or get turned-off. Example, about that
 attack wherein Master Asia's head pops outta the
 front of this fireball thingie... and that annoying
 BGM that was playing when Domon was training...

 Speaking of that I which I mentioned a while ago, in
 this SRWF manga, Mazinger Z, Combattler V, and Dancougar
 used the same technique to launch the Shining Gundam in
 that same fireball attack. Domon and Rain's head then
 pops out in front of the fireball as they were both in
 the Gundam. ^^;

And the way the characters portray themselves? Pathetic.

 What do you mean by "pathetic"?

>>It's like this Domon guy is the one who will
help bring peace. The other pilots of the other good gundams are like his admirers... who are like GMs, they always get creamed while the main character gets all the credit.

 Actually, in G Gundam, it really seems that Domon is
 doing most of the dirty work. I think it's a credit
 well deserved. (Besides, he's got the coolest attacks
 in the series)

>Well, every pilot on the WB were basically supporters of Amuro's Gundam...

 What's "WB"?

>>Some questions popped into my mind, like, how does the Shining Gundam gets it's power output from?
>Hmm, the pilot's chi?

 I'm not sure on this one, but I think the pilot's chi is
 used to go into Super Mode. I also think the MS in G
 Gundam are also powered the same way as the MS from
 the other Gundam series are.

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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