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>LOL. Casper's Gundam MG kit is nothing new, those with good memories will
>remember I mentioned about it in my post about Bandai's 1999 plastic models
>catalog - the photo of the kit in a diorama shot took up 2 entire pages.
>I wonder why Bandai charges so outrageously for these kits though, they MUST
>come with something darn good to justify that kind of price... which is
>nearly double the original!

This could also be linked in to their prefernce for having black colored,
golden colored, silver colored, translucent, and whatever else colored
versions of various Diecast toys/action figures. I haven't actually
understood it mydelf, but it seems that it is a part of their merchandising
formula. Bandai is just lucky that there IS a Char's gundam in existence
already. I wouldn't be surprised if it had a few goodies, like having zeon
weapons to go with it, but there's an also equal chance that it will just
be a recolored kit.

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