Lersak Bunupuradah (lersak@ksc11.th.com)
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 17:05:09 +0700

> >According to the latest G-Goods Newsletter, slated for release in October
> >are the "1/100 MG Casper's (Kaspal?) Gundam 4500yen" and the "1/100 MG

> The former is the "Char Aznable's RX-78 Gundam" recently discussed. It's
> your basic RX-78-2 MG kit molded in Char's Zaku II colors. Casper was
> Char's real name before he had to change it to join Zion's military

For what it's worth,
His full name is Caspal Rem Daikun (iirc)


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