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   I think everyone here would agree that the last
three or four days were not the best days of GML. And
I admit openly that I was one of the agitator, because

(it should be clear by now) I was one of those who ...
hmm let's just say... have a misunderstanding with
Eddie Ju. Anyway, let's not dwell in the past. I hope
all involved could let bygone be bygone.
   If we can all forget the bitterness in the last few
days, we will all come out ahead of where we were a
days ago. We have (I hope) understood each other
better and learnt more tolerance.
   For those of you who have been watching with horror
how we all seem to be rather nasty. Let me say that we
seem to have worked things out smoothly. The GML is
unregulated, and it has been working great. And I hope
this little episode has shown that we can work out our
differences. That perhaps attest to the maturity of
Gundam fans :)
   Nevertheless I will stay off the GML for a while. I
should re-allocate more time to spend on other
concerns in my life. I will still be writing for
Newtype Asylum. And I am pretty sure I will come back
some time, the GML is a great place to be.

   I will miss you, all of you.

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