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> as for the 1/100 Gato gelgoog...if it looks like
> anything from the beginning of the series beginning,

> then this is the gelgoog that can come close to
> used as a base for a 1/100 Gelgoog marine --(if they

> follow the animation style, anyway)...

It is, with a bit of retcon to it. In the opening of
"0083" episode 1, Gato was seen piloting a MS-14A
"Gelgoog" to defend A Bu A Qu; In the HJ's "Gundam
Weapons - Master Grade Model 'Gelgoog' Special
Edition", there's a MG Gelgoog with Gato's custom
colors (green torso and blue head and limbs). It's
being labelled as "YMS-14 Gelgoog: Cpt. Anavel Gato's

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