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> 1)...I read in the newspapers here in the Philipines, that CN was tying up
> with some Japanimation companies to either have a Japanese Anime slot in CN
> or to come up with a Japanime CN altogether. This was supposedly slated
> for the end of the year. I don't know what happened to this, or if it even
> pushed through. Is there any truth to this piece of news, and if so,
> what's happened to it?

Well, Gundam is supposed to be on CN this fall, namely Gundam Wing. I was
thinking, won't they have to edit Gundam Wing before showing it on CN? As,
there's stuff that censor's will have a field day with, like when during
episode 1 or 2 of Wing Heero says he will kill Relena while, I thinking,
pointing a gun at her. That's no big deal really for anime fans, but you know
how the media made a big deal over video game violence, during the horrible
High School shooting at Columbine.


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