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>> 1/100 Casper/Kaspal? Uhm, I don't think I've heard of an MS named like
>> that before...hey guys, is there an MS like that? and if so, what does it
>> look like?
>Maybe he means a 1/100th Kapool from Turn A?

Hmmm. That would be nice, with all its joints and such, but if so am
rather disappointed. I would rather they fast track some of the really cool
stuff, like the 0080 Hygog. That would look really nasty.

It seems that the MG line is turning into a long-term proposition. I think
my wallet and bank account will cry now. in two-part harmony.

As for the TurnA 1/100 kit: I've had the pleasure of being allowed to
peruse the parts (though i haven't bought it or even reserved it). I think
I know why it isn't HG. Most of the parts, except for the cockpit area,
hands and the rocket chest, are in BIG parts. It's way easier to assemble
than a normal HG, as if it were made for people who dislike having to take
precautions about small parts. The assembly is actually closer to a 1/144
kit, with large halves and all that being the norm. I think this might be
one explanation why there is no HG marking on it. It looks lovely, though,
because the line detail is as good or even better than the X series.

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