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okay, here are some of my questions from the curious:

1)...I read in the newspapers here in the Philipines, that CN was tying up
with some Japanimation companies to either have a Japanese Anime slot in CN
or to come up with a Japanime CN altogether. This was supposedly slated
for the end of the year. I don't know what happened to this, or if it even
pushed through. Is there any truth to this piece of news, and if so,
what's happened to it?

2) I've been seeing manga of OYW, and Gundam the movies I, II, III here.
is there a difference? aren't they the same essentially? another manga
thing: I've seen crossbone and 0083 and some z and ZZ as well...but some
of them look to be some sort of art concept books, but in small form. can
anyone enlighten me on this? I know the manga versions have some
differences in character and different?

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