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>I DO NOT want to flame or attack anyone, including Eddie. My responses to
>Eddie yesterday where to defend myself, not to flame him. I have kept quiet
>as long as I could about Eddie, but yesterdays comments to me from him
>couldn't be ignored. I dread reading my email from the list everyday, as
>there's a chance of a snide or rude comment from Eddie, to any email on this
>list. Everyone else on this ML are very good people, IMO. People on the ML
>have disagreed, but eventually work it out, without being rude, snide, etc.
>Yes, I could leave the ML, but I'm not, because I enjoy this ML a lot and
>don't have to leave just because someone's being rude. PLEASE, don't turn
>this into a flame war anyone, because its not right and will hurt this ML.

Well said Aaron. I love this mailing list too, cuz it's here where I get
to learn more about Gundam, and not just the kit and cartoon aspects of it.
 All of us should strive to make it as strong as possible as a community.
I do have a tinge of regret for being forced to send messages that may have
damaged the ML. For the new guys, and for the old, sorry about that!
However, enough! back to gundam.

gee, i just realized: Have we now survived and found ourselves NewType?

"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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